Hajj Pilgrimage Program


About Us

The Islamic Education Center Hajj group has provided caravan services from the Washington D.C metropolitan area for about 10 years. The group follows the Shia rituals of Hajj and has experts and ulama for questions all throughout the trip.

Group leader from this area is Hajj Mohammed Reza Eslami, who has now led the group for five years and has completed the Hajj six times.

Although we do accept applicants from all around the United States, all services and charges are quoted from the Washington D.C area. Prices and services are subject to change for those joining from other locations. 

Some of the services we provide include:

  1. Booking tickets via two different routes (see Hajj Packages page,

  2. Classes to introduce the zawwar to the rituals and dos and don’ts of Hajj,

  3. Obtain Hajj visas,

  4. Serve you in any other way needed both before and during your journey.  

Islamic Education Center - Hajj
Mohammed Reza Eslami
Washington D.C. Group Leader
7917 Montrose Rd.
Potomac, MD 20854
(240)-399-4514 or (301)-963-3774 (After 6:00 p.m.)