Hajj Pilgrimage Program 

Past Experiences

These practical and very useful tips comes from years of experience by IEC Hajj group staff. You may also check Brief Practical Tips for persons going for Hajj in About Hajj section produced by Islamic Republic of Iran's Hajj Organization.

We know that Hajj is a trip that calls for patience throughout the ENTIRE trip. The trip does not begin when you enter Madineh, or first wear your Ihram to go to Makkah, but it begins from the minute you have made your decision to turn in your documents.

Due to the extravagant number of people that are coming for Hajj, the few number of personnel available, the size of the streets in Makkah, Arafat, and Mina, things tend to get very chaotic in some parts of the trip.

Our caravan's goal is to help their members as much as possible to complete their Hajj as safely and as efficiently as possible. In the midst of all of this, you must always remember that you are the guest of Allah (SWT) and he is definitely the Grandest of Hosts and HE will take care of you.

Below is a list of some tips we have found throughout our experience of things you can do to help your Hajj go as smoothly as possible:

  • Always be on time to any meetings set up by the caravan, particularly for tours and departures. Keep in mind that you are not the only one in the caravan and we cannot leave without you, so it is really not fair to make other people wait.

  • Always STAY WITH THE CARAVAN and follow its flags at all times. If you see somebody is getting separated, DO NOT go after them, find a caravan official and notify them. By turning around for a couple of minutes you could find yourself lost in the outskirts of Mina.

  • Do NOT take your cameras with you to the Haram when we are traveling as a group. They do NOT allow cameras in the Haram and we have had to make people wait outside with their cameras while the Rowhanee is giving a tour of the haram.

  • Do NOT take muhr inside any of the harams.

  • Conceal your mafatihs

Here is a list of items that you should have with you on your trip:

  • Bath Towel

  • Slippers

  • Unscented soap for Mina

  • Baby Powder

  • Nail clipper or pair of scissors in your Ihram's belt

  • Do NOT keep more than 100 Rs. in your belt.

  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste

Here are some tips for Tawaf and Sai'.

  • Do NOT try to jump in at Hajarul Aswad. Instead go about 15-20 ft back, work your way inside to Maqame Ebrahim so that by the time you are inside you would have arrived at Hajarul Aswad.

  • When you are entering to begin your Tawaf, travel in a diagonal line from outside to inside instead of a straight line.

  • Do NOT walk against the crowd.

  • Do NOT bend down to pick up anything off the floor.

  • If somebody pushes you, try not to push back. There are a lot of people and it could get crammed at times, so be sure to relax and do not rush yourself.

  • Avoid doing tawaf in groups. At most you should go with 3 people, but we have found that it is easier if you go in alone and then set up a meeting spot to gather once finished.

Here are some tips for Ramy of Jamarat.

  • Bend over in a Rukoo' type position and make your way towards the Shaytan.

  • Keep your head low and get as close as you can so that you can make sure ALL STONES HIT!!!

  • The days we are not in Ihram, wear a hat.

  • Do NOT push anyone. If you see that the crowd is unbearable, ask the rowhanee to see if you can appoint someone to throw your stones on your behalf.

  • Immediately after throwing your stones, regroup with the caravan under the flag.