The Rituals of Hajj


The Process of Going to Hajj

Hajj is composed of two parts: Umrah Tamattu (this is almost identical to Umre Mufrede) and the Hajj-e-Tamattu. But the process of "Going to Hajj" is a long process that starts from the time you make up your mind to go for Hajj and ends when you return home. The articles below provides general information about what is to be expected and done.

Brief Practical Tips for persons going for Hajj
Before You Leave for Hajj
50 Simple things to do during Hajj
Geography of Mecca
Practices of the Umra-e-Tamattu
Practices of the Hajj-e-Tamattu
Hajj Day-by-Day
Prohibited (Haraam) Acts in Ihraam

Umrah Tamattu

Miqat, Ihram,
Tawaf and Its Prayer,
Sai, Taqsir

Hajj Tamattu

Ihram, Arafat, Masharul-haram,
Jamaratul-aqaba, Hady,
Taqsir/Halq, A'amal Makkah,
Mabit at Mina, Ramy Jamarat

Manasik Hajj in a glance

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