IEC Hajj Program


Optional Packages

 Yasamin Fars Caravan $8,000

 For more information Please call IEC Office at (301) 340-2070

Optional Routes

Option A:
 US -> Iran -> Saudi Arabia
 Saudi Arabia -> Iran -> US

What better way to end a ziyarat trip than to visit the grand shrine of Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha.  For those who have extra time, stop off in the Islamic Republic of Iran and take a trip to Mashad.  Zawwar who choose this route will leave the United States for Iran and will be in transit for their first stop in Iran.  After completing Hajj, the zawwar returns* to Iran and can visit many of the holy shrines and beautiful cities present.  

To be eligible for this route, one must have or be eligible to obtain an Iranian passport OR visa**.

 *Be sure to check with group coordinator for other rules and regulations on your trip to Iran.  No caravan services are provided in Iran.  Hotel reservations/food/and other arrangements must be made by the zawwar. 

** To be able to obtain an Iranian visa on an American passport, no guarantees are made, but for best consideration please be sure to submit your application materials in time.  Cost of Iranian visa is not included in package.

Default Option
US -> Saudi Arabia
 Saudi Arabia -> US

This route is available for those who only have time to perform Hajj.  Due to work and other engagements we understand that you cannot take as much time off for this journey.  This package allows you to perform your obligations and return home quickly.  Your stay in Mecca and Madineh will NOT be any different from those who choose Option A.  The only difference between these two packages is that before returning home, the zawwar who choose Option A, will stop off in Iran.

Yasamin Fars Caravan Info:

Stay in Madineh


  • Stay in 4 star hotel.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served international style

  • Tour of historical sites with Rowhanee (Uhud, Masajed, Baqih…)

  •  Special Hajj classes held about a’amal (rituals) to be completed in Makkah

  • Rowhanee available for any questions throughout the trip

Stay in Makkah


  • Stay in Mecca in Hotel Apartment. 

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served

  • Free Bus Service Available, from Residence to Haram and back

  • New Air-conditioned luxury buses for travel to Arafat and Muzdalifa

  • Air conditioned tents in Mina

  • Special Hajj classes held about a’amal (rituals) to be completed in Arafat and Mina